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Core Fighter

Fast-paced action awaits in Core Fighter, a futuristic shooter game by Anchorcast Entertainment. Destroy thousands of enemies. Explore abandoned bases, mines, and the depths of space. Upgrade one of three powerful ships with dozens of abilities, weapons, and more.

What are you waiting for? Check out the demo now!

Requires Windows XP SP2 or Vista, DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card with shader model 1.1 or better*
*If the game will not run, install the latest DirectX 9.0c Runtime. Old versions of DirectX 9.0c may or may not be compatible.

Buy Core Fighter today to:

  • Blast your way through fast-paced top-down shooting action
  • Play as three different ship classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy
  • Explore ten levels spread across three stunning environments
  • Prove your worth by collecting 12 hard-earned Achievements
  • Upgrade your ship with over 24 powerful weapons and upgrades
  • Test your mettle against 8 distinct types of enemies
  • Use special abilities like Cloak and Afterburners to sneak and rocket your way through levels

Watch the video below to see Core Fighter's intense gameplay in action!